The below is a sub-section of the complete list of trains and features those trains which have not been released in professionally printed form.

Those trains which have been released in professionally printed form are dealt with here

Princess Margaret Rose

Arising from a joke about having to Mount Snowdon.

This train allows you to use your Surveyor as an extra Labourer. Before placing your first Labourer you may use 1 Coal to purchase an extra Labourer, or 2 Coal to purchase 2 extra Labourers. Mark the position of your Surveyor with one of your Ownership Markers temporarily, and return him to his position at the end of the Round.

Unsurprisingly, this train is modelled on the LMS (London Midland and Scottish Railway) Princess Royal Class 6203 Princess Margaret Rose, which was in service from 1935 to 1962, and is currently on display at the Midland Railway - Butterley in Derbyshire.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Bought At Auction Loco

Grants the player 4 Victory Points at the end of the game.

Only four of these were created, hand-made by Tony for winners of the JVMA, stuck onto his "Man with a Shed" Agricola card.

This train was released on Facebook.

No. 11 Prototype Engine

Whilst packaged with the Jungfraubahn / Mount Washington expansion, unlike the other trains from this expansion the Prototype Engine doesn't bear either the Swiss or American flags. The train is intended to be added to other trains in the base game when picking at random at the start of the game. At the end of the game this Train card adds 3 victory points to the owner's score, however the owner cannot get their third Labourer from the pub when the weather is Rain.

The Breakdown Crane

You may pay 1 Coal to reactivate one of your used Contract Cards.

This train is modelled on a steam-powered Appleby Bros 5-ton accident crane built in 1875 - one of the first accident cranes ever built, of which five were made.

An early variant of the Funeral Train, it is better value because the cost of a third Labourer with this Train is cheaper than with the Funeral Train.

The Utility Loco

Before resolving action A and before any other actions or abilities resolve, the owner may choose any other Train controlled by a player - the Utility Loco is a copy of that Train for the rest of the Round.

This card has a faint outline of a train as, at Spiel 2013 (when the Daffodil Line scenario was released) Tony was encouraging people to draw their own trains - if any are out there, feel free to submit them for inclusion on the site!

Santa's Sleigh

When bought, look through the Contract deck (not the discard pile) and take a Contract card of your choice.

The card features Santa and his sleigh - although, oddly, only six reindeer rather than the traditional eight.

This train was released on Facebook.


When bought, remove the card from the game - all other players gain one Coal, but place one Labourer less during the next round.

This card features Krampus, a figure from Austrian mythology, who is half-goat, half-demon and who punishes children who have misbehaved - the opposite of St. Nicholas, who rewards children who have behaved well.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Camoflaged Loco

You may activate your third Labourer at any time during the Round.

Thomas the W*** Engine

You may pay 1 Coal to use your third Labourer.

The Unreliable Engine

You may pay 1 Rubble to...? At the end of the game get 3 Victory Points for each Rubble left on this card.

This train shows the bogie of a Class B1 4-6-0 which had derailed just west of Woodhead Station being replaced on the rails whilst the breakdown engine from Gorton lifts the front of the engine.

The Great Old One

When played, gain 8 points, for what that's worth, at the end of the game...which will be 2 Rounds from the point this is built (aka when it is released from its deathlike sleep)! In the meantime, no player may recruit their third Labourer from the Pub for the rest of their short time remaining on Earth. (Put one Rubble on the third weather marker: that will be the final round...EVER)

A nod to the Cthulu mythology of H. P. Lovecraft, a Great Old One is one of the pantheon of space deities who used to rule the Earth but have since fallen into a deathlike sleep.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Coal Train

When built the owner gets all the Coal from all the other Trains available for purchase.

This train shows men in the Eastern Coal Sales Coal mine at Premier, West Virginia, bringing a trip of loaded cars to the headhouse of the mine in August 1944.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Luggage

You may use two of any Resource Cubes to get your third Labourer out of the Pub for the Round.

The Downbound Train

When bought, all third Labourers (including the Owner's) are placed on this Train - other players may not use their third Labourers. The owner may take one third Labourer off this Train and put it in the box in order to use their own Labourer.

This train was released on Facebook.

Sen's Train

Pay 2 Coal and remove this Train from the game, then build any Train for free, even if it is not available in the current game of Snowdonia you are playing.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Scarecrow

The quote is from Worzel Gummidge - whenever there is an Event, the owner of this train gets their third Labourer out of the pub for free on the following round, otherwise it costs them 2 Coal

The Falkland Island Express

Whenever you bring your third Labourer out of the Pub, take an available-to-work Labourer from each other player and put them on this card in any order you like. The turn order for placement is now the order shown on this Train until your next turn (players take their next Labourer from this card).

In 1915 a 2 foot gauge line running for around 4 miles was built on the Falkland Islands to help in the construction of a wireless station. The train shows a Wren-class locomotive pulling some mock carriages (marked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Smoker) with the name of the train being somewhat tongue-in-cheek...!

This train was released on Tony's BGG Blog.

The Birthday Train

It's a regular Train with no continuous ability. However, when it's bought by a player, all of the other players' Coal in their personal supplies MUST be given to the owner of the Birthday Train. If the Train is returned (maintenance, the owner buys another Train later) and subsequently re-built, the effect happens again!

The Train shows Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter films.

The Son of God

When an Event occurs, you may give up one of your Labourers from the next Round to do the Event action as if it were your own

This train was released on Facebook.

Baby Train

Created to mark the birth of Chooi Oh's daughter, Chloe, the owner of this train may use their third worker for free, but when they place their first worker in a road they must place their third worker in the same action space.

This train was not publicly released.

Dirty Dirty Train

Created in response to a comment on Facebook, if the owner of this train makes a rude, railway-themed pun then they may use the excavate action at a rate of +1 that round.

This train was released on Facebook.

The Guvnor's Engine

The owner of this Train may, at the end of the Round, leave one of their Labourers on their Action Space, so that they may take that Action in the next Round.

This train was released on Tony's BGG Blog.

Terraforming Engine

Whenever you excavate, you excavate like Events do ie. one space per point of Work Rate rather than one Rubble. However, you cannot further affect the number of Rubble you take with Contract Card effects.

This train was released on Tony's BGG Blog.

The Reliable Engine

This Train was printed with the Surprised Stare icon in the bottom right hand corner and given to those who asked Tony nicely at UKGE 2017. The owner is immune from the "Train Maintenance" Event, and may pay one Coal to get his third Labourer out of the Pub.

The background picture of this train is a famous image of the Gare Montparnasse derailment, where an express train overran its buffer stop, crossed the station concourse and crashed through the station wall, falling onto Place de Rennes below.

The Parliamentary Train

Inspired by the "Parly" - cheap train fares enshrined in law - as part of Action C the owner of this train may convert 1 Iron Ore into a Penny as a mini-action (ie. in addition to the other usual Foundry mini-actions). Use rubble from the supply to represent pennies, with your Labourer costing one Penny to retrieve from the Pub. At the end of the game each Penny in your supply is worth one point.

The image on this train is from an 1857 engraving by W McConnell entitled "Parliamentary Train: Interior of the Third Class Carriage; from Twice Around the Clock"

This train was released on Facebook.


Costs 1 Steel, which lets you immediately place a marker in the indicated space. At any time in your turn, you may pay the indicated resource(s) (to general supply) to put a scoring marker(s) in the indicated space(s). Place one of your workers, as an action assignment, to flip the train to its finished side (click here to view)only when all of the other spaces are filled. Return the scoring markers to your supply. Once finished the train scores you 26 points at the end of the game and entitles you to use your third Labourer on payment of one Coal.

This train was released on BGG.

Drunken Worker

When you place your 3rd (Pub) worker, place him with a game marker disc underneath.

When you return your 3rd worker to the Pub, leave the disc in the action space for the next round: the space cannot be taken by any player during that round.

Your worker cannot come out during the next round (because he is 'sleeping it off' on that action space!).

At the end of that subsequent round, remove the disc from the space - it is available for the next round (as is your sobered-up 3rd worker)!

This train was released on BGG. The image is based on a photograph of coal miners in the pub in February 1917 discussing the impending coal strike, superimposed by a man drinking beer from a 1937 photograph.

Conveyor Belt

1. When resolving a Stock Yard action, you may use your worker to take all iron ore above the 5th and all stone above the 3rd and all coal above the 2nd in to your supply - if you do, this replaces the normal Stock Yard action. This ability is not modified by contract card effects (as it replaces the core Stock Yard action).

2. You may take the Foundry/Works action (C) without placing a worker (resolve it after all other players have resolved their (C) actions).

This train was released on BGG. The image is a picture of "Thomas" from the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway being loaded via a conveyor belt.

The Love Train

Uploaded to BGG but (it appears) not actually released in a blog post, there is no indication on the rules for this train, but one may discern from the iconography that if the owner gives their beloved a gift of iron, stone or coal, then they may use their third worker.

This train was uploaded to BGG but not associated with a blog post. The image is the O'Jays, singers of "The Love Train" performing on the television program The Soul Train on 28th September 1974.

A Remote Cabin In The Woods

Available as a reward to those contributing to the Patreon for the Five Games For Doomdsay podcast, on which Tony appeared in May 2018, whenever there is an Event the owner of the cabin puts one rubble (from supply) on the cabin - as soon as there have been eleven events the game ends immediately, and the cabin is worth eleven points. Any extra event cubes drawn don't trigger and don't add more to the cabin's score.

This train is available to Patreon contributors to 5G4D.

The Kickstarter Express Train

Released to mark the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the Deluxe Master Set, and with the caption "I'll take one of everything, please!", the train grants the owner 7 points, one coal, one stone, one iron and one wood, as well as their choice of contract card.

This train was released on BGG.

Male Voice Choir

Released during the Kickstarter campaign for the Deluxe Master Set, the owner of this Train may pay one coal to let all players have their 3rd worker for that round, getting, in return, 2 points for each other worker used in this way at the end of the game (workers taken out before this abilty is activated are ignored for the purposes of the calculation). The card features an image of the Treorchy Male Voice Choir in full song.

This train was released on BGG.