Use the Pink player's cubes as Goats - this means that games involving goats are for a maximum of 4 players.

After any Track card is stocked with rubble (at the start of the game in most scenarios, or during the game in the Jungfraubahn, or when a Canal card is "filled in" in the Daffodil Line) put a pink Goat cube on it.

During Play

You cannot Lay Track on any Track Card that has one or more Goats on it UNLESS your Surveyor is at a Station next to the line of cards that Track Card is in - ie. before or after the line.

You take all Goats on a Track Card when you Lay Track upon it.

Events will complete Track as normal, but any Goats will be pushed along to the next available (unfinished) Track Card or out of play if off the end.

Game End

Goats (pink cubes) that you have collected can be used as part of final Scoring - they can be allocated as 3 Rubble pieces each, or one completed (non-excavation) Station space.