This small expansion was originally released in English, German and Italian.

Place this station on the board next to Llanberis / Blaenau with any unused track cards (0-2) between them (you will need to cover the pub!). When you excavate, build or lay track you can do it in either direction from Llanberis. Events and/or the game-end trigger ignore this station and the track cards to it.

Ivor the Engine

The owner of Ivor may excavate and / lay track even during foggy weather. Interestingly, it was during a chat with the Smallfilms licensing company that Tony discovered that there was a chance to design an Ivor the Engine boardgame, and the rest is history...

Jimmy and the Little Old Engine

The owner may always excavate at a rate of at least 2.

An Italian version of this train has been released - click here to view.

Action Space

Place this new action space next to the Contract Card discard pile. Whenever a player takes the action, they may take 1 card from the discard pile (search through the pile) into their supply